Annual Meal arranged – Friday 26 November 2021, 7pm, The Vesper Gate – all members old and new welcome!

October 2021 – Beginners Coaching – Slight time change – coaching is now 11:00am to 12:30.  All four courts reserved for these sessions!

September 2021 – Beginners Coaching – For the first time, and due to demand, this is continuing!  It is at 10:30 every Saturday morning, with a small fee for our friendly coach Ronnie.  It’s great to have many enthusiastic beginners this year!  There is also a beginners class messaging group to keep in touch.

August 2021 – Singles League – has been started.  Contact Andy Baum for details of how to join.  It’s open to everyone.

Welcome to Kirkstall Abbey Tennis Club!

We have four good quality courts in a pleasant location in Kirkstall.

Our membership of just £30 a year (adult) or £5 a year (junior) is open to all and includes a ten-week course of fun coaching sessions.

We have regular times for members to meet where we try to organise a game (usually doubles) for everybody.  Most of the time a court is free for you to play at your leisure.

We have both competitive play (see the Leagues tab above), informal social play (see the Social tab above) and of course as members can access the courts as they wish.

While some parks have free and open tennis courts, there has been occasional anti-social behaviour at Kirkstall.  A small membership fee with a padlock system ensures these courts are kept in excellent condition.

Membership is open to all and with it comes our organisation of league and social play, and of course our ten week coaching sessions.  We value this wonderful local community resource, come and help by joining and playing tennis with us!

Please browse our information via the above tabs and contact us with any queries.


Membership renewals – Membership for the new season is now underway.  Check the Membership page for details, forms etc.  The court locks were changed on Monday 26 April 2021.

Singles tennis ladder will be arranged shortly, contact Andy Baum to join it.  Thank you Andy for organising!

Coaching – Started on the morning of Saturday 29 May 2021 (10-11am for children, 11-12 for adults).  There is also coaching on Wednesday evenings at Hyde Park, starting 5 May 2021 – see Coaching page for more details

EARLY 2020 – All tennis suspended due to the Coronavirus Lockdown.

KATC Annual Dinner 2019 was held on Friday 8 November 2019 at Lavanta Mediterranean Restaurant, West Park.

ROUND ROBIN 2019 – Congratulations to Robert who won the Round Robin 2019!  With a record 16 people competing on the morning of Sunday 15th September, we all had good fun, thank you to Wendy for organising.

CLUB PLAY (once the virus situation has passed) – As well as Saturday and Sunday mornings, members often meet on Wednesday evenings for informal play.  Doubles and/or singles matches are arranged between whoever arrives.  Everyone welcome!

COACHING SESSIONS COMPLETED – Our Saturday morning coaching sessions are now over, unfortunately a little earlier than planned.  Thank you to Kendle who has been our coach for three years now.

KATC AGM was held on Tuesday 26 March 2019, 7.30pm, at the Burley RUFC building.  This is the start of the new season, enjoy your tennis everybody!

The KATC Annual Dinner 2018 was held on Saturday 20 October 2018 at the Agora Restaurant, New Road Side, Horsforth.

ROUND ROBIN 2018 – Was held on Sunday 16 September – congratulations to winner Nici Walker.