We hope we are very welcoming to members old and new (and visitors too).  Our play is often more social and fun rather than serious oriented.

Unfortunately play is currently (May 2020) limited due to the partial lockdown situation, the rest of the information on this page applies to before/after lockdown conditions.

Club Mornings/Evenings

Come along on Sunday mornings and play tennis and make new friends.  All members welcome from 10.30 a.m. onwards.  We try to mix in / rotate players so that everyone will have a game (usually doubles) and not be waiting long.

Often we will also meet on Wednesdays at 6.30 and Saturday mornings at 11 (or 12 during the 10-week coaching time) and mix in / rotate players to give everyone a game.  There is a smartphone app to keep everybody informed of times members are playing which everybody is welcome to join.

Unfortunately sometimes rain prevents play!

Round Robin Tournament

This competition is fun rather than serious and played in doubles.  Veterans captains Alan manages a player rotation system and the scoring, with the assistance of Wendy.  The 2018 winner was Nici, the 2019 winner was Robert.  Well done!

It was held on Sunday 15th September 2019, with a trophy and small prize for the winners.  For further information contact Wendy

Round Robin Notice – Sunday 15 September 2019


Our 2019 annual meal will be held at 8pm on Saturday 8 November 2019 at Lavanta, West Park.  Typically 15-20 people come to our annual dinners, everyone is welcome, both members and guests.  It would be great to see again people that haven’t been involved with KATC for a little while.  If you have any queries please contact our Social Secretary Roland Maturi –

Picnic and Rounders

At some point in the summer, probably on a Saturday morning/lunchtime, there may be a picnic with optional rounders on the grass next to the trees by the KATC court.  All welcome!